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bobby fischer for beginners - Verwer
bobby fischer, his approach to chess - Agur
carlsen: move by move - Lakdawala
chess duels: my games with the world champions - Seirawan
chess praxis - Nimzowitsch
dynamic decision making in chess - Gelfand
fischer world champion - Euwe & Timman
grandmaster vs amateur - Aagaard and Shaw
how magnus carlsen became the youngest chess grandmaster - Agdestein
judith polgar teaches chess 1: how i beat fischer's record
learn from the legends 3rd edition - Marin
masters of the chessboard - Reti
my 60 memorable games - Fischer
my best games of chess 1908-1937 - Alekhine
my system & chess praxis - Nimzowitsch
my system - Nimzowitsch
paul morphy: the pride and sorrow of chess - Lawson
tal botvinnik: 1960 - Tal
the amateur's mind - Silman
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