luxury aviator with 3D board combo

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Immaculate flowing manes lend graceful charm to the knights of this Aviator chess set. Each piece is handcrafted from either red budrose or light box wood, fitted with a green felt base and weighted.

Size of the king: 106mm (height); 47mm (base).
Size of the pawn: 60mm (height); 33mm (base).

3D chess board
Add another twitch to your chess game with this 3D board -  you will enjoy hours of fun and something different to each game. Handmade in South Africa from stained Teak for dark blocks, Paumarvin for the lighter blocks and Kiaat for the edges. Each block is at a different height to add a fun and artistic factor to the classic game of chess and you can swop blocks around for each game.
Size of board: 51cm x 51 cm with blocks square size: 58mm x 58 mm