chess boards

Whether you are looking for a simple vinyl board, or an elegant and luxurious wooden board, you are sure to find the one that suites your style at House of Chess. There are options to choose from to accommodate all budget types - from beginner chess players to players who have been playing for years and want to invest in a good quality chessboard that will last.

The most affordable options to choose from are the vinyl and mousepad boards. We are printing our own medium size vinyl boards and they are specifically made to fit on South African school desks.

Wooden boards are more for advanced chess players who want to invest in a quality board that will last, or for a chess collector that doesn’t mind paying more for a wooden board. Most of our wooden boards are imported from Rechapados Ferrer, Spain - known world wide for their quality and perfection on veneered chess boards, but also be on the look out for our South African made solid wooden boards.

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