64cm large garden chess set (red and black/white )

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The most popular garden set is now available in red and black or red and white pieces.

The pieces are made from high-density polyethylene recycled plastic to resist harsh weather conditions, making the set ideal for indoor and outdoor use. 

What's more is that each piece is easy to lift, even for small children, and the weight can be adjusted by separating the base of each piece and adding sand or water for extra weight.

Replacement pieces are available.

Sizes: king 64cm, queen 58cm, bishop 56cm, knight 49cm, rook 43cm and pawn 43cm with 24 cm bases.

Packed in 2 boxes:
Box 1: 72cm x 50cm x 77cm: 14kg
Box 2: 75cm x 52cm x 64cm: 15kg


Optional Extras

1. Giant nylon chessboard
The giant heavy-duty, high-quality nylon chessboard accommodates the giant chess pieces perfectly and folds down to a 38cm square. It can be walked on and is machine washable. 

2. Giant plastic chessboard
This lawn friendly board maintains the life and colour of your grass by allowing air and light through. The board consists of 64 hard plastic squares that connect together.

3. Storage bags
Add two bags to store your garden set safely.

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