reykjavik in sheesham (x large)

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This Reykjavik chess set is a re-production of one of the most historically important chess sets ever produced. In 1972, Bobby Fisher became the world chess champion after beating Boris Spassky on a Reykjavik chess set. This match was the most widely followed match in chess history.

This reproduction is hand carved from Anjan wood by master artisans, weighted and fitted with green felt bases to withstand years of play. The pieces lack many of the ornate details commonly found in other sets that can be susceptible to damage and instead include features such as reinforced pawn collars and oversized rook ramparts for unmatched durability.

No additional queens are included.

Size of the king: 100mm (height); 40mm (base).
Size of the queen: 78mm (height);35mm (base).
Size of the pawn: 48mm (height); 28mm (base).

Optional extras
Looking for a board to match? These pieces fit our extra large (55cm x 55cm) chessboard perfectly.

Looking for a box to keep your pieces safe? Opt for our leather-like box, lined with green felt and fitted with an anti-snooper lock for worry-free storage.
Large: Size: 23cm x 16.5cm x 11cm

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