basic vinyl chess set with drawstring bag for schools

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This set includes a 44cm roll-up vinyl chessboard, 87mm soft plastic pieces and a black material drawstring bag. This is a practical chess set, strong enough for everyday play and highly recommended for schools and clubs.

Vinyl roll-up board
The roll-up chessboard is made from strong, durable vinyl which means it's curl- and fade-resistant and can be cleaned by simply wiping it down with a damp cloth.
Vinyl roll-up board size: 44cm x 44cm with 4.8cm squares. 

87mm Plastic pieces 
These standard tournament pieces are ideal for schools and tournaments as it is made of a softer plastic that's virtually unbreakable. Available in your choice of black and white or black and ivory. King height 87mm and King base 37mm.

Material Drawstring bag
These bags are an affordable and practical solution if all you need is a basic bag for holding your chess pieces. The bags are made from material and closes with a drawstring. One bag can hold a full set of standard pieces.
Size of bag: 23cm x 23cm

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