blue vinyl roll-up set: dark & light blue (medium)

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Spoil that special boy with a blue vinyl roll-up set - just blue, blue and more blue.

This set includes a 44cm blue and off-white vinyl roll-up board and 87mm light and dark blue soft plastic chess pieces, with an option of a canvas zip bag. These sets are a great choice for schools, clubs and the individual chess player. Impress your friends with this colourful set.  

The chessboard is made from strong, durable vinyl which means it's curl- and fade-resistant. We guarantee that the board will remain flat and ready for play each and every time. What's more is that these boards can be cleaned by wiping them down with a damp cloth.

The canvas zip bags are ideal to store and keep the pieces clean and safe. 

Board size: 44cm x 44cm board with 5cm squares.
King size: 87cm (height); 3.6cm (base) 

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