bobby fischer for beginners - Verwer

bobby fischer for beginners - Verwer

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Bobby Fischer for Beginners relives the glory and the tragedy of Robert James Fischer, a troubled genius whose legacy is tremendous. 

Everything you always wanted to know about former world chess champion, complete with easily accessible examples of his chess playing style and many photos, is now available in this compact and easy to read volume. His youth in Brooklyn, his astonishing career, his many conflicts, his girlfriends and his tragic death in exile in Iceland in 2008 is all there. 

Fischer’s chess prowess and his will to win were unparalleled. But so were his eccentric behaviour and his paranoia. To explain Fischer briefly to someone not particularly familiar with him is a surprisingly difficult challenge but Renzo Verwer's short monologue makes a superb effort to introduce Fischer briefly for players not already intimately familiar with him.

The book summarises the American grandmaster’s life in an easily readable and quick-moving but informative account. There are six chapters dedicated to the biography, each wittily titled with a famous quotation of the American grandmaster.  The final Chapter 7 presents ten of Fischer’s career games with some brief analysis and the book closes with a list of Fischer’s notable tournament results.

Who should read this book?

You don't need to be an accomplished chess player to be thrilled by the triumph and the tragedy of this lone genius. Newcomers to Fischer should find this book an enjoyable intro that may spark their interest to learn more.