staunton, solid brass chess set

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A unique version of the traditional Staunton style, these solid brass chess pieces are ideal for decorative or practical play. Imported from Italy, these pieces are beautifully made with attention to detail. These pieces are really weighted and the complete set weighs 2.8Kg. King height 7cm, base 2.4cm.

Board and/or box options:

1. To complement the pieces combine them with the black & gold board and box combination. The leather-like feel gives a soft and warm look to the board. The board fits onto a box where pieces can be stored in separate compartments. If you turn the top of the chessboard around, you'll find a backgammon board. Backgammon pieces are included with the set. Size of the board: 33cm x 33cm. 

2. Imported from Spain, the veneered Blue Ash Burl and Bird's Eye Maple with a Blue ash frame and a high gloss finish chessboard, complement the solid brass chess piece perfectly. A unique combination that is eye-catching and will not fail to impress. Size of the board: 40cm x 40cm board with 40mm squares.

3. The Walnut Wooden box with build-in compartments to store pieces will not disappoint as it is simply gorgeous. Imported from Italy, this board /box combination combined with the solid brass chess pieces is simply irresistible. Size of board: 35.5 x 35.5cm with 40mm squares.

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