bushmen chess set - small

  • R 2,555.00
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Complete set with pieces and chess board.

The ground stone chess pieces have been hand-crafted and hand-painted by skilled artists.

The King -  the hunters of the tribe
The Queen - the Maiden of the Kalahari
The Bishop -  the water gatherers peril
The Knight -  the Bushman mother nurturing her child 
The Rook - the Bushman Child born and raised in the Kalahari looking around curiously
The Pawn - the Meerkat 

King height: 7.5cm, base 2cm
Queen height: 7cm, base 2.5cm
Pawn height: 4cm, base 2.5cm

Chess board is made from maple and walnut wood. Size of the board: 29cm x 29cm with 3cm squares.

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