bushmen chess set

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Complete set with pieces and chess board.

Since the dawn of Africa the aboriginal Bushmen, also known as the San people, have been roaming the wild as peaceful nomads. They now predominantly reside in the harsh, yet beautiful Kalahari Desert. 
Despite the desolate landscape making survival extremely difficult, they have perfected hunting and survival in these harsh conditions to the point of an art form. They live completely off the land; hunting, gathering and creating their garments out of animal skins, plants and whatever nature provides.
The women skilfully craft jewellery and clothing to adorn themselves and their children, using natural materials found around them. They painstakingly create beads and straps for their vibrantly coloured necklaces and bracelets.
The Bushmen live together as one big family unit. Their value system is unaffected by Western Influences or any religious beliefs. Believing in the spirit of Ubuntu (the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity) the Bushman share everything with everyone. They care for other children as much as their own. 

The chess set
With the Bushmen themed chess set, the aim is to capture the essence of the Bushmen and sculpt it into authentic art pieces.
All the ground stone chess pieces have been hand-crafted and hand-painted by skilled artists.

The King Chess Piece
The Men of the tribe are the  hunters and they are  responsible for the survival of the group. With their keen tracking skills and extensive lore, their days are spent deciphering the feint tracks large herbivores like the Kudu, Gemsbok and smaller game such as the springbok leave. Using stealth to creep up to their prey and uncanny skills with poison tipped arrows and bows, the hunters are essential in providing meat for the tribe.  Losing them on the chessboard is game over.

The Queen Chess Piece
The Maiden of the Kalahari represents the queen chess pieces who is responsible for keeping the home-front safe and secure from predators. With her wisdom and knowledge of natural medicines she makes sure that the tribe is healthy. On the chess board the queen must use her skills to quickly and efficiently dispatch any dangers to the tribe.

The Rook Chess Piece
The Bushman Child born and raised in the Kalahari looking around curiously. They are taught to hunt and gather with their elders from a young age; skills necessary for the tribe to survive. Their age won’t matter as they hunt down the pieces on your chess board.

The Bishop Chess Piece
In the Bushman culture the water gatherer plays a critical role in the survival of the tribe, since water is such a scare commodity in the desert, without it, everyone will perish. On the chess board the bishop with his far reaching diagonal attacks is a force to be reckoned with, beware of the water gatherer at your peril.

The Knight Chess Piece
Family is very important to the Bushman which is epitomised in the relationship between the mothers and their children. We therefore tried to capture this special bond with the Bushman mother nurturing her child as the Knight piece in this chess set.

The Pawn Chess Piece
The alert Meerkat is characterized as a brave, clever and extremely social animal. As soon as danger passes their watchful eyes, they will attack in their masses like the pawns on your chess board.

King height: 7.5cm, base 2cm
Queen height: 7cm, base 2.5cm
Pawn height: 4cm, base 2.5cm

Chess board is made from maple and walnut wood. Size of the board: 49cm x 49cm with 3cm squares.