chess praxis - Nimzowitsch

chess praxis - Nimzowitsch

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Chess Praxis is a superb collection of Aron Nimzowitsch's best games annotated by the great man himself.

Aron Nimzowitsch was one of the greatest chess players of the 1920s and 1930s, ranked just behind the famous World Champions Alekhine and Capablanca. His reputation as an author is higher still and his hypermodern ideas had a huge influence on modern chess thinking.

In this book, he demonstrates how his concepts worked in his own games. This is a completely new translation of Nimzowitsch's classic work, which will allow the reader to appreciate influential ideas explained in modern language.

Who should read this book? 
This is a book which every serious chess player must own. It is the monument of a great transition period in chess and is packed with numerous valuable hints, suggestions for improving one's game and general understanding which will benefit virtually any player wishing to improve his game.

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