common sense in chess - lasker

common sense in chess - lasker

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In the spring of 1895, reigning world champion, Emanuel Lasker, gave a series of lectures in London aimed at club players. Later that year, Lasker gathered his lecture material together and wrote it up in manuscript form to be published, retaining the informal, conversational tone of the lectures.The result was Common Sense in Chess, long regarded as a classic both during Lasker's lifetime and for generations afterwards. It is a masterpiece of compression and exposition, and in the whole of chess literature, there is nothing that quite compares to it.

Now it has been reworked in a 21st-century edition. The notation has been converted to algebraic and more diagrams have been added. 

Who should read this book? 
This book comes highly recommended for chess players with ratings up to 1900 and their coaches. People who are interested in chess history will also find this book interesting.

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