DGT3000 limited edition chess clock (FIDE approved)

DGT3000 limited edition chess clock (FIDE approved)

  • R 1,650.00
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A special DGT3000 Limited Edition is released to celebrate DGT 25th year anniversary.The Limited Edition has the same options as the popular DGT3000 but is designed in a wooden look.

The DGT 3000 is DGT's most advanced chess clock. It has many great new features, including its ability to connect to all DGT e-boards, 25 pre-set timing systems, 5 slots for customised settings and its larger display shows seconds from the start. It also has all the delay methods so you can choose the one you like - Fischer, US delay and Bronstein.

The clock comes with a two-year guarantee. Batteries included.

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