mousepad sets with 87mm soft plastic pieces - large

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The set includes a mousepad board, black and ivory weighted pieces with green felt bases and a black drawstring chess piece bag.

Mousepad chessboard
Made from a mousepad type material with a rubber backing, make these boards perfect for blitz games as they won't slide or move. The boards are also machine washable and notation all round ensures they meet all tournament standards. Board size: 51.5cm x 51.5cm board with 5.5cm squares.

87mm soft plastic pieces
These standard tournament pieces are ideal for schools and tournaments as it is made of a softer plastic that's virtually unbreakable. Available in your choice of black and white or black and ivory. King height 87mm and King base 37mm.

Material drawstring bags 

These bags are an affordable and a practical solution if all you need is a basic bag for holding your chess pieces. The bags are made from black material and closes with a drawstring (drawstring colours may differ from pictures). One bag can hold a full set of standard pieces. 
Size of bag: 23cm x 23cm

Leather-like drawstring bags
Enjoy the leather-like feel of this strong and durable black PVC drawstring bag. The bag holds and protects a full set of 32 pieces while heavy-duty drawstring ensures that pieces stay securely in the bag. 
Size of bag: 25cm x 16cm

Large long club bag
This popular standard club chess bag is ideal for keeping your rolled up chessboard and pieces clean and safe. It is made from durable canvas and has an adjustable shoulder strap handle for easy travelling to and from tournaments.