wooden backgammon (medium - 30cm)

  • R 495.00
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Lovely foldable hand made wooden playing board with 24 light and dark contrasting points. The quality of the workmanship done by expert Indian craftsmen from Sheesham wood, is exquisite. Stained dark and light wooden veneers are beautifully inlaid into a wooden box. To complete the set, the outside of the box has inlaid wooden accents as well.

Perfect for players that want to enjoy the game while on the move. Each set is  complete with 4 wooden dices (2 light and 2 dark), 1 wooden doubling dice and 30 light and dark wooden counters (15 of each colour).

Set open: 30cm x 35cm x 2cm
Set closed: 30cm x 17cm x 4cm
The weight of the set is 950g.
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