empire chess set combo (wenge board)

  • R 3,970.00
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Influenced by the Art Deco look that is reminiscent of the 1920s, this set is ideal for those looking for a chess set that is as beautiful as it is practical. Perfect wedding or special birthday gift.

The set has been designed to withstand the rigours of everyday play, fitted with green felt bases, and finished superbly.

Size of the king: 116mm (height); 47mm (base).
Size of the pawn: 66mm (height); 39mm (base).

These pieces fit our xx-large wenge chessboards perfectly. Board size: 60cm x 60cm board with 60mm squares.

The velvet-lined, double tray, leatherette chess box gently cradles each piece to hold it safe and secure. The Empire chess piece will feel pampered and secure in this beautiful case for transit or storage. There are spaces for extra Queens too. A truly luxury case! Fixed slots hold each piece separately and an anti-snooper key locks the box for worry-free storage. Size: 38.5 x 13 x 35cm.

OR opt for this beautiful leatherette box with separate compartments to store your pieces. Separate lid with House of Chess logo in the corner. Large: 21cm x 24.5cm x 9cm


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