greek archers - blue & bronze, small (blue & gold board)

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This carefully crafted metal chess set is based on the Roman Empire and imported directly from Manopoulus, Greece. The chess pieces are hand-cast in solid zinc and copper plated. The lighter blue pieces are finished with faux blue oxide on copper and the darker side is set in bronze. Each piece is lacquered coated for added protection.

This is a complete set that includes the chessboard, pieces, and wooden box.

Based on the legend of the twin gods, Apollo and Artemis who were the twin children of Zeus, the pawns take form as skilled archers. Apollo (the god of archery) and Artemis (the goddess of the hunt) are believed to have invented archery.

The king is represented by Caesar, and the queen his wife. The members of the Roman army are the bishop, knight, and pawn. A Roman column so prevalent in their architecture serves as the rook.  The handcrafted classic brass and metallic chessboard, in gold and dark blue colours, compliment these chess pieces perfectly and sets the scene for an epic battle.

Size of the board: 27.5cm x 27.5cm with 2.5cm squares.
Height of the King: 55mm, base of the king: 12mm
Weight of the set: 6kg

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