how to be a winner at chess - Reinfeld

how to be a winner at chess - Reinfeld

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How to be a Winner at Chess is among the very best introductory chess books ever produced. In it, Reinfeld manages to capture the essence of good chess in a most readable, enjoyable and easy-to-grasp format. 

The author presents twelve basic rules for winning play. All the types of checkmates, the relative importance of the chess pieces and simple, effective strategies are discussed before ending with the three strongest moves -- the check, the capturing threat and the pawn promotion. The author always emphasises practice over theory; he gives you the rules and demonstrates exactly how you should use them.

Who should read this book?  How to be a Winner at Chess is designed for the average player who knows the moves and rules but not much more. Let Fred Reinfeld, the master wordsmith and instructor take you to the next level and turn you into a winner.

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