john nunn's chess course - Nunn

john nunn's chess course - Nunn

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In this 2014 Book of the Year, grandmaster John Nunn provides a complete chess education, covering decision-making methods and psychological factors in addition to the most important strategic and tactical methods.

Following on his successful books Understanding Chess Endgames and Understanding Chess Middlegames, Nunn fleshes out the theory by showing how World Champion Emanuel Lasker handled a wide variety of practical situations. We see how Lasker's play, which his opponents found so unfathomable, was based on logic, extreme pragmatism and a deep understanding of how chess players think.

The book covers topics not usually considered, such as queenless middlegames, and looks at psychological aspects of chess, such as choosing lines which are most uncomfortable to the opponent. Other topics include piece activity, pawn-structure, bishop vs knight and how to handle inferior positions.

Explanations focus on general ideas, rather than detailed analysis and feature more than 100 of the most instructive examples from Lasker's career.

Who should read this book?  
This book will be most useful to players with a rating between 1200 and 1800.

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