vinyl set with drawstring bag: large

R 180.00

This set includes a large roll-up vinyl chessboard, plastic pieces and a black vinyl drawstring bag. This is a practical chess set, strong enough for everyday play.

Roll-up vinyl chess board
These chess boards are made from strong, durable vinyl which means they are curl- and fade-resistant. We guarantee that the board will remain flat and ready for play each and every time. What's more is that these boards can be cleaned simply by wiping them down with a damp cloth. Clear and legible algebraic notation ensure they meet all chess tournament standards. Board size: 51cm x 51cm with 5.7cm squares.

Plastic pieces and vinyl drawstring bag
These standard tournament pieces are ideal for schools and tournaments as it is made of a softer plastic that's virtually unbreakable. Included in a set is a vinyl drawstring bag to keep the pieces safe.

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