mastering complex endgames - Naroditsky

mastering complex endgames - Naroditsky

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In this fresh instructional book, Naroditsky presents a rich collection of practical endgame examples whose assessments require more than just standard theory. His systematic approach and didactic skills help you to understand rather than just memorise these endings.

The book includes:

  • lively and entertaining lessons
  • crystal clear explanations of ideas and plans
  • useful insights into the minds of chess masters
  • great practical advice throughout the book
  • instructive exercises at the end of each chapter

Daniel Naroditsky became the World Under-12 Chess Champion in 2007 and with Mastering Positional Chess, he was the youngest published chess author in history.

Who should read this book? 
If you feel lost at sea in the endgame, you owe it to yourself to buy this book. This book comes highly recommended for anybody who has a working knowledge of basic endgames and wants to know what is the next step. 

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