Complete set with metal pieces, metallic board and wooden box to store away board and / or pieces. This gold and silver metallic chess set is handcrafted and imported from Manopoulus, Greece.

The legend
Renaissance had its undoubted protagonists: Knights have been evolved from the iron-masked soldiers of the Middle Ages to the idolized heroes of higher nobility. Through Europe they were named Knights, Sirs, Musketeers or Guardians and were portrayed as the ideal men. With their own code of honor, knighthood‘s ideals of virtue was immortalised in history through Renaissance literature and romance.
This elegant, stunning, unique handcrafted metallic chess set comes in gold and silver chess pieces and included are the handcrafted metallic chess board. The complete set comes in a wooden box where each pieces is nestled in his own compartment.

Height of the King: 9cm

The chess board 
Classic brass - handcrafted metallic chess board in gold and deep brown colours.
Size of the board: 44cm x 44cm with 4.5cm squares.

Weight of the set: 8kg

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