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The 32 pieces are hand-painted with intricate detail and make the ideal gift for the true chess enthusiast. The detailing on the pieces is very impressive as the armour, shields, and swords have impressive and historically accurate details. The pieces are painted with distinction in mind to encourage an easy playing experience. 

These intricately designed characters are presented in bronze and silver. Made of durable, hand-painted polyresin, each piece comes with felt bottoms for stability and scratch-free play. The king’s height is 8.4cm with a 2.5cm wide base.

Board and box option:

With the playing board functioning as a wooden box with storage underneath for the pieces, this chess set is ideal for those who travel or want to easily transport their chess set around. The wooden storage box is 37cm x 37cm with a height of 5.5cm. The actual surface for playing is 31cm x 31cm with 4cm squares.

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