millennium chess genius pro computer

millennium chess genius pro computer

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The Millennium Chess Genius Pro is the ideal chess computer for club and tournament players of all skill levels. It's one of the most powerful chess computers of all time, featuring the world champion ChessGenius software by Richard Lang.

The Chess Genius Pro plays at a rating level of 2200 and includes virtually an unlimited number of levels of difficulty.

For experts, the Chess Genius Pro provides a choice of two libraries of opening moves: the Classic London Book, with approximately 57 000 positions, and the Modern Book, with more than 100 000 positions. The versatile analysis mode is also a great feature that allows players to enter any chess position, displaying analysis of positions, main variant and the move number.

For beginners, the chess trainer warns about bad moves and makes suggestions for improvement and by using the help function, the Chess Genius Pro will show all permitted moves.

Convenient menu system makes it easy to adjust system settings and a large backlit display shows the entire chessboard, plus help text and menu system text. The extra-large chessboard features a 20 x 20 cm playing area and the pieces come in white and black chrome with felt-bottom bases.

Features include

  • Different match modes lets you choose between player vs computer or players vs player
  • Configurable average time per move
  • Configurable maximum duration of game
  • Demanding tournament levels suitable for skilled players
  • Special "Checkmate Mate in X“ stage for problem-solving
  • Countless levels for beginners
  • Suggested moves (best, second best, third best etc. moves from the respective position)

Technical data

 Processor ARM Cortex M4 / 120 Mhz
RAM 160 KB
Chessboard Pressure sensor board, magnetic
Display Backlit chessboard display
Menu operation 7 languages, text-based
Languages GB / DE / FR / NL / ES / IT / RU
Software Chess Genius
Power supply

3 x AA alkaline batteries
Power port available; power pack sold separately

Dimensions 30cm x 27.5cm x 3cm
Chessboard dimensions 20cm x 20cm         

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