millennium Karpov chess school 8-in-1 chess computer

millennium Karpov chess school 8-in-1 chess computer

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Owning the Karpov Chess School Computer is like having your own dedicated 24/7 chess coach. The talking, teaching computer plays eight games (chess, checkers, Othello, halma, four-in-a-row, nim, fox and geese and Northcote's) and is suitable for beginners as well as experienced chess players.

The computer has an estimated rating of 2100, has 30 level settings to choose from and five styles of play, from passive to aggressive.  

While playing, the natural English speaking voice will warn against mistakes, suggest moves and guide you through various chess exercises. The computer comes with a fully illustrated chess teaching book with 100 exercise positions programmed into the computer. 

The computer solves chess puzzles and automatically saves the game when turned off.

Size of the board - playing area: 15cm x 15cm with 18mm x 18mm squares.
Complete set: 25.5cm x 18cm x 2cm
King height: 31mm


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