modern chess preparation - Tukmakov

modern chess preparation - Tukmakov

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Opening, middlegame and endgame are the three universally recognised stages of a game of chess, but what about the art of preparation? Winning starts with planning before the game.

Ukrainian grandmaster, Vladimir Tukmakov, has written this fascinating and original book about chess preparation. It's not the kind of book you’ve ever been exposed to before and he describes how chess planning has become a systematic process, how methodical preparation works and which critical steps you have to take.

This English Chess Federation Book of the Year 2013 looks at the role of the computer in preparation and there's a special chapter about must-win situations. With lots of brilliant examples, inside information and amusing anecdotes, Modern Chess Preparation is not only highly instructive, it's a joy to read.

Who should read this book? 
This book is easy to follow by the average tournament player and is highly recommended. With powerful anecdotes and many instructive high-level games, the author explains how, as a competitive chess player, you can organise your homework, focus your efforts and arrive at a viable game plan.

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