move first, think later - Hendriks

move first, think later - Hendriks

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In this journey into the chess-playing mind, author Willy Hendriks uses recent scientific findings on the workings of our brain to present a wealth of valuable, no-nonsense training material. The book consists of 27 chapters and has quite a few exercises, presented at the beginning of each chapter.

Winner of the English Chess Federation Book of the Year 2012 Award, the book challenges the conventional wisdom in chess instruction and tries to demolish a number of myths about how to improve your chess. This is a fun and absorbing read. Hendriks keeps the reader’s attention at all times, often makes us laugh, entertains us with some really fine positions and constantly makes us think.

Who should read this book? 
This book is aimed at players with a rating of between 1100 to 1700. It also comes highly recommended for anyone who is interested in chess in a broader context.

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