my best games of chess 1908-1937 - Alekhine

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In chess literature, there have only been a very few chess books that have immediately – and permanently – established themselves as classics - My best games of chess 1908-1937 is one of them. This unequalled collection reproduces Alexander Alekhine’s 220 best games and includes his own personal accounts of the dazzling victories that made him a legend.

World Champion from 1927-35 and again from 1937-46, Alekhine ranks as one of the four or five greatest players in chess history. A master of all phases of chess, his games were richly conceived and immensely complex. As Bobby Fischer observes in his writings, “He played gigantic conceptions, full of outrageous and unprecedented ideas.”

Whether you feel as if you are revisiting an old friend or being introduced to this splendid game collection for the first time, you will marvel at how Alekhine’s games and works remain modern. You will not fail to be impressed by the genuine genius that is Alekhine.

Who should read this book? 
This book belongs in the library of every serious student of the game. The book is filled with Alekhine’s own penetrating commentary on strategy and tactics and is enhanced by a revealing memoir.

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