my system - Nimzowitsch

my system - Nimzowitsch

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My System is at the top of a very short list of chess classics. Nimzowitsch’s ideas have had a profound influence on modern chess thinking and most chess masters will at some point have studied Nimzowitsch’s work. Not to have read My System is by many regarded as a gap in a chess player’s education.

The re-release of Nimzowitsch's extraordinary work, along with the additional material included by the publisher, makes the appeal and importance of this great book as relevant as it ever was. This book consists of 3 parts.

The first explains the elements of chess. The second presents the idea of prevention thinking and excessive protection of weak squares. And the third part is devoted to illustrative games with the author's comments.

It is a very readable book, for Nimzovich's methods sparkle with humour, pungent originality, and witty explanations. 

Who should read this book? 
My System is a must-read for every serious chess player, but you'll need to be fairly well read to be prepared for this book.  However, if you buy a copy of My System and find you aren't quite up to tackling it yet, you won't have wasted your money on it.  I'm sure you will eventually want (or even need) to read this book.

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