tactimania - Flear

tactimania - Flear

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Tactics are usually why most people find chess fun! Tactimania is a chess puzzle book with a difference. It contains around 450 tactical exercises from the praxis of Glenn Flear and his wife. It is a family work, as the illustrations come from their son. The puzzles start at a moderate level then get steadily more difficult. The reader will be challenged by the puzzles and entertained by the manga-style illustrations that feature throughout.

Glenn Flear is a respected chess grandmaster, author and coach. Early in his career, Glenn achieved one of the greatest-ever chess surprises when, as a last-minute substitute, he won the London 1986 tournament ahead of a host of famous players. Glenn and Christine married during this event! Christine is a five-time French Women's Champion and their son James, a computer artist, created the illustrations.

he book contains 13 chapters, eleven of them dealing with some theme (from mates to trying to save lost positions), while the last two are tests of around 20 positions each. Those two last chapters have their solution on the next page too, as the whole book, but they are called test because you get to score points and see at what level you are at.

One would assume this book targets a kids' audience, but the exercises can get quite difficult. 

Who should read this book?

Intermediate to more experienced chess players should enjoy learning from this book.

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