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Nowadays, there are so many good chess blogs, books and videos online it's difficult to figure out which ones to follow. We've studied the sea of YouTubers and found our favourites. Here are our top five recommendations.

John Bartholomew is an American International Master with a 2439 rating. He posts instructional chess content and bullet, blitz, and standard videos recorded on popular sites like, ICC, and Subscribers praise his channel for being informative, as well as fun.

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The Saint Louis Chess Club regularly invites the best American GMs and chess coaches to present lectures at their club. They record many of these lessons and share them on their channel, providing access to high-quality lectures.

Their channel offers everything from kids and adult beginner classes to advanced lectures featuring in-depth GM analysis. And with big names like GM Yasser Seirawan, GM Varuzhan Akobian, GM Ben Finegold and GM Alejandro Ramirez there is a variety of great presenters available.

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The PowerPlayChess channel by famous GM and chess coach Daniel King from England contains about a 1 000 videos where he shares his passion and expertise of the game.

There are reports from the top tournaments with analysis of the games of players such as Anand, Carlsen, Aronian, Kramnik and many others, many studies, puzzles, and ideas on openings.

Daniel King also has a love for the classic games from Karpov, Kasparov and Fischer which you can also find on his channel.

Find the channel here:

Not only is the number one site to play free online chess and learn chess rules, openings and strategies, but their YouTube channel also provides excellent daily video lessons, ample material for training, and discussion. Every day a famous chess professional presents a lecture, which means there is plenty of content for players of all playing styles and levels.

Find the channel here:

iChess boasts the largest chess video collection of GM and master content on the internet. The best chess players and coaches in the world have got you covered with expert lessons covering everything from chess openings to tactics and strategy, chess history and game analysis.

Find the channel here:

chess YouTube channels YouTubers to follow

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