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Not everyone has caught on, on just how grand chess is, which can sometimes mean that you've got to search far and wide to find the best chess stuff the world has to offer. But don't worry. As Africa's premier supplier of chess equipment, we've searched the world to bring you the best stuff right to your doorstep. We deliver to anywhere in South Africa, no matter how remote, and our quality guarantee won't leave you disappointed.

If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to help because we're just as passionate about chess as you are.

chess table: 50cm board
chess table: 50cm board
From R 4,910.00
4" aviator wooden chess set in red budrose
i love chess t-shirt
i love chess t-shirt
From R 120.00
folding wooden magnetic travel chess set: 25cm
millennium Karpov chess school 8-in-1 chess computer
64cm large garden chess set
64cm large garden chess set
From R 7,250.00
chess solitaire
chess solitaire
R 230.00
four-player chess set
basic chess set with a zip canvas bag
chess FIDE rule-book
backgammon set in leatherette case
DGT 1001 chess clock
85mm medieval armors chess set in resin
trophies - large
trophies - large
From R 65.00
solid hardwood wooden chessboard
large (50cm) solid kiaat and beech wooden chessboard

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