If you're going to buy one educational toy this year, let it be this one

If you're all about getting your kids the latest in educational toys, then this is one you're going to love.

You don't have to be a chess champion to master this addictive logic game. The rules are simple. First set up the chess pieces on the board according to instructions from one of the challenge cards. Then proceed to capture and eliminate all but one piece using only moves allowed in traditional chess (if you're not sure how each piece moves, don't sweat it. The set comes with a handy instruction manual and solution booklet.) 

What's in the box? 
+ 60 challenges ranging from beginner to expert
+ 10 pieces
+ a chessboard with pull-out storage drawer
+ a playing manual with movement rules, hints and step-by-step solutions

Not only is the game fast-paced and exciting, but it's also sure to build logical reasoning, spatial reasoning and critical thinking abilities.

What's more is that it comes in a neat little box that easy to clean-up and suitable for play on the move.

Roline Pretorius

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