plastic & leather / leatherette backgammon

Like our chess sets, we've taken care to bring you a great selection of backgammon sets. Our range includes combination, travel, wooden and suitcase sets that all come equipped with high-end accessories.

11 results
magnetic 3-in-1: chess, checkers and backgammon
leatherette backgammon brown case (37cm)
roll-up backgammon leather set (34.5cm)
backgammon leather - brown (31.5cm)
backgammon leather - black (31.5cm)
backgammon leather - grey (38cm)
backgammon leather - light brown (38cm)
backgammon leather - dark brown (38cm)
ultra luxury leather backgammon: crocodile (48cm)
ultra luxury leather backgammon: ostrich (48cm)
leatherette backgammon: antique brown finish (48cm)
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