metallic copper & brass finish pieces

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Traditional style with durability, weight and a glossy look! They are WoodTek resin pieces that have been finished with electroplated copper and brass finishes. They are naturally well balanced and weighted, with luxurious leather base pads on each piece. The end result is a striking set of metal chess pieces, one army brass in color and the other a soft copper, with almost a rose gold type of look to them. They have a subtle brushed look to their finish and gleam in the light as only perfectly polished metal can.

Size of the king: 113mm (height); 46mm (base)
Size of the pawn: 62mm (height); 35mm (base)

Never lose or misplace a piece again - opt for this beautiful leatherette box with separate compartments to store your pieces. Separate lid with House of Chess logo in the corner. Large: 21cm x 24.5cm x 9cm

For complete sets with board and pieces go to metallic copper & brass sets.

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