blue ash burl / birds eye maple, small (40cm)

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Imported from Spain, this veneered chessboard is made from Blue Ash Burl and Bird's Eye Maple with a Blue ash frame and a high gloss finish. A unique combination that is eye-catching and will not fail to impress.

The blue stained ash burl creates a mix of various blue colors and beautifully accentuates the character of the wood grain. The high gloss polyurethane finish further enhances the elegance and beauty of the wood by creating a glass-like appearance. A triple inlay (white-black-white) pinstripe around the playing area along with an extra-wide frame, adds elegance to the already spectacular chessboard. Made from the finest veneer available, the precise inlay work by the craftsmen of Rechapados Ferrer is simply unsurpassed!

Size of the board: 40cm x 40cm board with 40mm squares.

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