chess camp 5, two move checkmates - Sukhin

chess camp 5, two move checkmates - Sukhin

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Chess Camp is a new training system for beginning players, their parents and coaches. Starting with simple problems to illustrate key concepts and then progressing to more complex positions, the series methodically integrates new information with previous knowledge while building effective thinking habits on the board. The series is the official beginner's guide of the United States Chess Federation.

In this fifth book of the series, Two move checkmates, the student will:

  1. be introduced to the elements of planning;
  2. aiming at a goal beyond the current move;
  3. start to understand the need to consider the opponent’s possible defences;
  4. practice visualising the board more than one move ahead; and
  5. discover the seemingly paradoxical idea of winning by sacrificing material. 

Who should read this book?
The Chess Camp series is a great choice for junior coaches working in primary schools and for parents who like to work with their children at home. The series is aimed at beginner players from ages 6 and up.

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