DGT wireless electronic board

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The innovative Bluetooth DGT e-Board connects wirelessly to the computer bringing you the best of two worlds: the classical game of chess on a traditional wooden board merged with 21st-century computer and internet technology.

Use the board to play online at internet chess sites or on apps for tablets or mobile devices, to play against chess engines, online players or simply to record the moves of your game. Broadcast the moves live via the internet with LiveChess 2.0 or retrieve the PGN for later analysis or publication.

Or use the board for chess training and analysis of games or positions. The ingenious e-Boards with individual piece recognition act as a unique chess move input device. Simply set up any position on the board and your computer will instantly recognize the individual pieces and their locations. No hassle to input a position into the computer and great ease of use.

It is also possible to combine your DGT e-board with the DGT Pi as your ultimate chess sparring partner. 

The DGT e-Board is the ultimate chess-PC interface and a typical DGT product: innovative and designed for the true chess lover. It adds a new dimension to your chess fun. High quality and value for money.

The board is compatible with the DGT 3000 and DGT XL clock (available as extra - not included in price).

It is supplied in a sturdy and practical gift box and comes with the famous Fritz chess playing program and 100 days free Premium access to PlayChess.com.

Included in the gift box is:
1) USB cable
2) Two extra queens included in wooden pieces
3) Clock Cable
4) Fritz CD
5) DGT e-Board software CD
6) with Bluetooth only: AC/USB Adapter with US, UK and Universal Plug.

Board size: 54 x 54cm with 55cm squares
Timeless wooden chess pieces: King height 10cm and base 3.3cm


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