dgt smart board - individual use (1 player)

  • R 5,970.00
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The DGT Smart Board makes the classic DGT board more affordable to a wider audience by replacing the classic wood design with a high-quality plastic model.

The DGT Smart Board has many functions such as; record your games, play online, live internet broadcasting of games. Use it at home, club or tournament.
It is accurate, fast and the net weight is just 2 kg!

Online Play - Play with opponents from around the world using Smart Board as your interface for move input on Playchess.com. Moves can be shown on a DGT3000 chess clock that connects to the Smart Board.

 - Record Games - Use the board to record your games for review and analysis at a later time

 - Computer Play and Training - Smart Board works with the best chess playing software programs on your PC or laptop (not Mac unless using emulation software for Windows).

 - Chess Computer Opponent - Turn your Smart Board into a computer play machine by adding DGT Pi accessory. Automatically store the games played for publication or analysis purposes. For example, copy them to a database in Fritz by ChessBase.

The innovative design has a wood-print finish top, looks just like real wood. Board is lightweight, thin and ergonomic, making it easy to store and transport.

The new board also scans faster and has improved energy efficiency. It is compatible with all current DGT pieces in both wood and plastic.

The board measures 52cm x 52cm with tournament square size 55mm.

Cable Connections Accessory Kits for individual use

To use a stand-alone Smart Board a USB cable is included connecting the Smart Board to your laptop or PC.

With this connection set, all applications are possible but it does not allow more Smart Boards to be connected together.

It contains:
  • USB-C to USB cable
  • Board to Clock cable
  • A DVD containing installation software and drivers, Fritz14 software, Free 100 days Premium Membership on PlayChess.com, LiveChess Software.

Clock / DGT Pi sold separately.

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