fco: fundamental chess openings - Van der Sterren

fco: fundamental chess openings - Van der Sterren

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Fundamental Chess Openings is the perfect survival guide to chess openings. The book provides up-to-date explanations of plans for both sides and insight into the character of each opening.

This book offers a wealth of ideas and explanation, together with the basic variations of each and every opening. This knowledge will equip players to succeed in the opening up to good club level and provide a superb grounding in opening play on which to build a more sophisticated repertoire.

This is not a book that provides masses of variations to memorise. The strategies he explains will, unlike ever-changing chess opening theory, remain valid as long as chess is played and so the time spent studying this book will be rewarded many times over.

The author, grandmaster Paul van der Sterren, has won the Dutch Championship on two occasions and in 1993 reached the candidates' stage of the World Chess Championship. He is an internationally renowned chess writer and editor and was one of the founding editors of New in Chess, for whose Yearbooks he has contributed more than 150 opening surveys.

Who should read this book?  
This book is primarily aimed at those with a rating from 1300 to 1800 who are looking for a guide on good opening play.