25cm giant draughts / checkers set

  • R 3,620.00
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Like giant chess, giant draughts are perfect for summer parties, braais and other outdoor events. The game is simple and easy to play and promises to be addictive fun for the whole family. Play with as few as two players or team up for more fun. 

The giant draughts are made from durable PVC, making it waterproof and UV protected. Included is a full set of queening rods. Size: 25cm diameter; 8,5cm height.

Size of the box: 54cm x 54cm x 56cm: 12kg

Optional Extras
1. Giant nylon board
The giant heavy-duty nylon chessboard accommodates the giant chess pieces perfectly. It can be walked on and is machine washable. Board size: 2.75m x 2.75m with 33cm squares. For easy storage, the board folds down to a 38cm square. 

2. Giant plastic board
This lawn friendly board maintains the life and colour of your grass by allowing air and light through. The board consists of 64 hard plastic squares that connect together. Board size: 3m x 3m with 37.5cm squares.

3. Giant rubberized board:
The giant chess board can be rolled up for fast transport and storage and is easy to assemble. It's practically indestructible, durable and safe to use on hard surfaces.  Size of board: 30cm squares; 240cm x 240cm board.

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