greek archers - gold & silver, large (brown & gold board)

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Stunning metal complete set with pieces, metallic board, and wooden box based on the Roman Empire. This gold & silver metallic chess set is handcrafted and imported from Manopoulus, Greece, worldwide know for exquisite quality and workmanship. 

The legend
Archery has been a skill of great demand and appreciation. Apart from hunting, archers were the legendary defenders of the fortress walls of the city and the ones who offered covering fire during the battle.
The twin gods Apollo and Artemis were masters in archery and protectors of the archers. Philoctetes was one of the most famous archers, who carried the mythical bow of Hercules.

The chess pieces
The king is represented by Caesar, the queen his wife, and the members of the Roman army are the bishop, knight, and pawn. A Roman column so prevalent in their architecture serves as the rook. Their ferocity is symbolized by the aggressiveness of the Archer (pawn) and the Knight. Made from Brass & Nickel Plated Cast Zinc -lacquered coated to prevent tarnishing.

The chess board
This beautifully handcrafted classic brass, metallic chess board in gold and brown/deep red colours complement these chess pieces perfectly. 

Size of the board: 44cm x 44cm with 4.5cm squares.
Height of the King: 9.7cm; base of the king: 3cm
Weight of the set: 8kg

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