learn from the legends 3rd edition - Marin

learn from the legends 3rd edition - Marin

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In this ambitious work, Mihail Marin examines and explains the contribution from the chess legends who influenced him strongly in his own development. This personal and sympathetic journey into the best chess of yesterday is guaranteed to help the readers in their games.

Winner of the ChessCafe Book of the Year 2005, the book's contents include:

  • Rubinstein's excellent rook endgame technique
  • Alekhine's expertise with the heavy pieces
  • Botvinnik's ability for deep analysis
  • Tal's handling of heavy pieces vs. minor pieces
  • Petrosian's positional exchange sacrifices
  • Fischer's strength with the king's bishop
  • Karpov's handling of bishops with opposite colours
  • Korchnoi the rebel

Who should read this book? 
This 5-star book comes highly recommended for advanced/serious chess players.

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