leningard set combo (leather board)

  • R 3,480.00
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Beautiful Russian style pieces with uniquely curved knights, firm rooks, finely shaped bishops, queens and kings. The 34 piece set (extra Queens) is weighted, smoothly polished and finished, and made from ebonised Boxwood for black pieces and Boxwood for the lighter pieces. The Knight carvings are extremely well done. A great set for tournament and Blitz play and is highly recommended. A quality set, imported from India for the budget-minded collectors and players. 

King size: height 10.5cm, base 4cm
Pawn size: height 5.5cm , base 3.3cm

Leather isn’t commonly thought of as a material for a chessboard, but it is often featured on the most luxurious of chess sets. This handcrafted leather board with black and light grey squares, blends beautifully with the pieces, creating a stunning set. Size of the board 55cm x 55cm with 55mm squares.

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