magnetic chess set: 30cm

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This magnetic chess set is great for taking on trips, whether it's a long vacation or just to school and back. With notation on all sides and beautifully detailed pieces, this travel set offers something a little extra when compared to other travel sets. 

The lightweight case folds in half and securely snaps closed to keep the pieces inside, making it easy to travel with. Each piece is fitted with a strong recessed magnet to keep it in place, even when the board is turned upside down, without scratching the board. 

Board size open: 31cm x 31cm with 3.5cm squares 
Set size closed: 31cm x 15.5cm x 4cm 
King: 6.8cm (height); 2.5cm (base)

Pawn: 3.5cm (height); 2cm (base)

A set of black and ivory checkers pieces are included. The checkers are not magnetic.


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