Widely regarded as one of the best chess book ever written, Masters of the Chessboard, discusses the playing styles of each of the leading grandmasters of history up until that time. 

Author Richard Reti was one of the strongest and most original players of all time. He invented new and successful opening systems and brilliant endgame studies. He was also a gifted and entertaining writer. In this book, Reti examines the technique of each of the great masters of his era and explains what enabled them to reach the top levels of competitive chess. 

This book is packed with advice. Opening theory is a priority and the author, Richard Reti, tells the student to understand the basic idea of each opening. He goes into considerable detail as he explains each of the popular lines, including his own Reti opening.

Some of the finest parts of the book are the mini-essays, most of them on openings, but also on rook endgames. This practical approach is also evident when he deals with positional themes. 
Who should read this book? 
This is a fundamental book to read for all players. It is also a must-have for collectors and has value as a games collection and a historical document.


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