mousepad set with 95mm luxury heavy pieces - large

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The set includes a mousepad board, 95mm luxury heavy pieces and two black drawstring bag.

Mousepad chessboard
Made from a mousepad type material with a rubber backing, make these boards perfect for blitz games as they won't slide or move. The boards are also machine washable and notation all round ensures they meet all tournament standards. Board size: 51.5cm x 51.5cm board with 5.5cm squares.

95mm Luxury heavy pieces  
These heavy chess pieces are guaranteed to offer you your most comfortable play yet. With a little extra weight when compared to ordinary pieces, these pieces are perfect for blitz, tournament and home play. Two additional queens, one in each colour, are included.  Available in your choice of black and natural or black and ivory.

Leather-like drawstring bags
Enjoy the leather-like feel of this strong and durable PVC drawstring bag. The bag holds and protects pieces while heavy-duty drawstring ensures that pieces stay securely in the bag. Two bags will be needed for these pieces - one for each colour. Size of bag: 25cm x 16cm


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