oriental solid brass & wood set (leather board)

  • R 8,675.00
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Stunning large Oriental solid brass and wood combination chess pieces. Imported from Italy, these pieces are unique and impressive. With a King height of 10cm, these pieces will not disappear into the background but will be the centerpiece in any room.

The metal parts of the set are solid brass. Between the base and top of the pieces is a part with genuine hardwood, two contrasting looks that go brilliantly together. This chess set comes in a flip-top box with individual chess piece inserts in a styrofoam sheet to keep them safe and protected. The bases are 28mm and protected with leather.

Leather isn’t commonly thought of as a material for a chessboard, but it is often featured on the most luxurious of chess sets. Leather accents blend beautifully with wood, brass, and other more common chessboard materials, elevating the whole piece.

These beautiful black and grey chessboard are entirely made of leather.

Size of the board 50cm x 50cm with 50cm squares.

In order to keep your genuine leather chessboard looking great and lasting, you’re going to want to keep your set out of direct sunlight, but in a well-ventilated, dry area where it can breathe. About once a year, you may also want to treat it with a conditioning cream to keep it from drying out and cracking. These simple steps will protect your investment and keep your leather chess set in good condition for years to come.

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