step 4

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The difficulty level of the material from the 4th step is higher, that is mainly the consequence of the increasing number of moves needed to solve the exercises. Most of the topics require solutions which are 2½ move deep: White plays, Black answers, White plays, Black answers and Whites scores. That is why a good command and application of the topics from the third step are absolutely necessary.

Manual for chess trainers Step 4

The manual is a great support for the trainer. Ready made lessons, hints how to use the workbooks, how to give assistance, and much more. Articles covered in Step 4 Manuals are:

  • Subject material
  • Chess games
  • Thinking ahead
  • Help
  • Applying the knowledge
  • The transition to the seniors
  • Analysing a position

Step 4 workbook

11 Topics:

  • Eliminating the defender: interfering
  • Double attack: luring
  • Eliminating the defence: blocking
  • Pin: placing front and back piece
  • Double attack: eliminating the defence
  • Double attack: chasing and targeting
  • Attacking the castled king
  • Seventh rank
  • Strategy in pawn endings
  • Double attack: clearing
  • Queen against pawn

Step 4 extra:

In the extra workbooks attention is giving to the same topics as in the 'steps'. They are not only useful as an extra practice but also as a repetition.

Step 4 plus:

New topics in this workbook:

  • Trapping
  • Vulnerability in the opening
  • Mini-plan - Opening the position
  • Solving problems - Don't skip this part, can benefit all chess players!

Step 4 mix:

This workbook contains exercises with one ‘simple’ assignment: play the best move. Just like in a real game, you do not know whether you can win or whether you have to defend. First, look at what’s going on? Which targets can you exploit? What is the opponent threatening? Is it time to draw? In short, all kinds of stuff.

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