Step 5 workbooks concentrate on the positional aspects, pawn structure, the seventh rank, strong squares and open files.

Manual for chess trainers Step 5:

The manual is a great support for the trainer. Ready made lessons, hints how to use the workbooks, how to give assistance, and much more. Topics covered in this issue:

  • Subject material
  • Guidance
  • Individual development
  • Help
  • Analysing a position
  • Finding a good move
  • The trainer

Step 5 workbook:

This workbook consists of 11 topics:

  • Material and time
  • Using pawns
  • The pawn race
  • Discovered attack
  • Rook against pawn
  • Strong outpost
  • Defending
  • Rook ending
  • Open file
  • Draw
  • The wrong bishop

Step 5 extra:

In the extra workbooks attention is giving to exercises on the same topics as in the 'steps'. They are not only useful as an extra practice but also as a repetition.

Step 5 plus:

New topics include:

  • king in the middle
  • queen ending
  • pin
  • bishop against pawn
  • zugzwang

Step 5 mix:

A workbook containing exercises with one ‘simple’ assignment: play the best move, just like in a real game!

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